This site exists because it was fun to make and I wanted a site that, a domain i have owned for a while, points to.

It doesn’t exist because I have anything to sell or am looking for work. I have a LinkedIn for the latter.

However, if you do want to reach out, click on one of the social icons on the right or the “about” page to know more about me.

emojis in a URL, wut ? –>👋👉☕❓.

I do freelance consulations and projects from time to time.

Also, if you enjoy Indian or Japanese curry cuisine and live in Japan, check out GoCurry.

If you really enjoy Indian or Japanese curry cuisine reach out to GoCurry <1,2,3> to invest or partner.

I mostly retweets tech tweets, memes and Indian politics @localhost9000.

arghya guha

My name is Arghya Guha and I’m a Software Engineer & Systems Architect with almost a decade of experience building enterprise web applications, currently coding backends and APIs for the data science division of one of Japan’s tech giants.